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the people at your event have to pee

I will be moderating a panel discussion later in the month about “creating great events” which has prompted me to think about what’s essential in creating and marketing an event. Events have the ability to build awareness and create personal

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branding in the carolinas

I rarely post about specific speaking engagements because they’re typically closed corporate events, but I wanted to alert you to two open-to-the-public events coming up in South Carolina later this month. I will be doing the evening keynote at the

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no one cares about your company’s history

I’m sure you’ve had this happen to you. Someone is making a sales pitch or educational presentation to you. They need your attention. Then as they begin, they say… but before we get started let me tell you a little

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three commencement addresses that are worth your time

‘Tis the season for people to sit in hot black robes and listen to vague motivational pomptitude (and circumstanitude). Out there in the cultural zeitgeist, I think there are three commencement addresses that are worth your time. These three are

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TED2012 Full Spectrum Audition

Probably a heck of a long shot, but I’m throwing my hat in the ring for the TED open auditions. These crowdsourced TED talks are MUCH shorter versions of the regular 18 minute TED talks. They are also supposed to

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free call for speakers

Any speaker worth their salt should never speak for free. What many people (including many meeting organizers) don’t understand is that even though a speaker is “only speaking for an hour”, in reality, there are several days of prep, travel,

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the one where I offer $500 for a burger

Ever feel like you get attacked by a certain topic? The universe is assaulting me with In-N-Out Burger. Just a few examples: Earlier this year, the advertising class I teach delved into a long discussion about the brand equity of

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