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department of common sense

You would think SOMEONE at the Hungry Jack organization would have spoken up and said, “If Step #2 of the directions say to let the product sit for 12 minutes, is it really a good idea to promote the 5

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it’s in bad form

Paper still exists. This distresses the digerati, but it’s true. There is an unfortunate instance between the digital and paper realms that drives me crazy. Do me a favor. If you’re whipping up a paper form that asks for someone’s

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good design and UX

I hate to be one of those redesign resistant people, but at first glance I don’t like the design changes of iOS7 announced this week at WWDC. My displeasure comes down to the loss of skeuomorphism and the flat design.

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the popcorn button

Nearly every microwave you see has a “popcorn button”. Nearly every package of microwave popcorn has a warning, “DO NOT USE THE POPCORN BUTTON”. It’s an impasse. The microwave has a sensor that monitors the moisture and other factors inside

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best of 2012

Another year has come and gone. As I do every year … [2005] [2006] [2007] [2008] [2009] [2010] [2011] … I present what were the biggest hits of 2012 on the blog for you to revisit if you’re a regular

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I can tell there’s been a new training program shift for B2B cold call telemarketers. They’re now all asking the same self-deflating question to me. TYPICAL CALL ME: Hello. TM: Are you the person in the business responsible for buying snow

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I’m seeing it happen more and more. As the cashier hands me a receipt, she draws a circle on it and says, “Please visit this link and take the online survey about your experience. Please make sure to give me

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