Month: July 2012

this is the best ad copy you could come up with?

From the same ad agency who developed an ad for a florist with the tagline “Every rose has its thorn”… (Originally posted on Instagram.) They’re also working on a campaign for a bakery using “That’s how the cookie crumbles.” I

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the old spice guy walks into taco bell and gets burned

Consumers attack brands enough. Why get into a spiff with another brand?

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signs 101

People and many businesses don’t know how to put a sign by the road. This seems like a very basic skill to me. But now as more temporary event signage for summer events is put up and the political sign

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auto DM means you’re a snake oil salesman

Don’t auto DM people when they follow you on Twitter. It’s dumb. I follow you. You send me a auto DM. I unfollow you. Cheesier the DM, quicker the unfollow. — Chris Houchens (@shotgunconcepts) July 4, 2012 What flashes of

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