Month: February 2012

brand leadership

Strong brands have strong leaders with strong personalities. This branded leadership will help organizations succeed because the audience will have confidence that the leaders will respond to their needs. Leaders of the organization (at all levels) can influence brand perception.

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monday morning quarterbacks

We’re in the 24-hour period when everyone in America is an ad critic, but it’s not as great this year. As I tweeted during the “big game”: One of the few times in recent years that the #SuperBowl game was

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It’s Groundhog Day! The day that we look to a rodent to come out of a dark hole to tell us the weather forecast. While it’s good fodder to fill up the morning zeitgeist every February 2, it’s temporal. People

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why this year’s super bowl will stink for advertising lovers

First, a statistical tweet from the Managing Editor of Advertising Age, Ken Wheaton… Of the 30 or so non-movie brands advertising in Super Bowl, so far 13 have released the spots before the game. — Ken Wheaton (@kenwheaton) January

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