Month: October 2011

it’s always the little things

Positive branding comes from positive customer experiences. Most of your brand is built through mundane daily customer experiences rather than polished marketing messages. The opportunity and danger in this is that there are a LOT of little things that can

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oprah hates your billboard

I don’t think Oprah would be happy that you put a QR code on a billboard. But put aside the whole distracting driving and near certain chance of death thing and just use some common sense. In this great article about

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barbers don’t cut their own hair

A quick follow up thought to my post last week about a PR firm’s debacle… Barbers don’t cut their own hair. The cobbler’s children have no shoes. A lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client. And marketers

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PR firms and bloggers are like matches and gasoline

Blogger outreach in PR is like working with gasoline. Work with it correctly and it makes the vehicle go. Do it incorrectly and it blows up with disastrous consequences. I am amazed at the number of PR firms who have

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