Month: May 2011

the personal branding myth

I’m tired of the personal branding shtick. People are people. Brands are brands. Are there people who are also simultaneously brands? Sure. Madonna, Seth Godin, Lady Gaga, Warren Buffett, Oprah, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, and many more. If you can

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the cart and the horse

We’re now on the other side of the curve. If your organization doesn’t already have a toe in the social media waters, you’re late to the game. But just as “everybody” threw up an online brochure and said they had

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three commencement addresses that are worth your time

‘Tis the season for people to sit in hot black robes and listen to vague motivational pomptitude (and circumstanitude). Out there in the cultural zeitgeist, I think there are three commencement addresses that are worth your time. These three are

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recycling ideas

I led a daylong training for the Executive Directors of the American Advertising Federation back in 2008 at the AAF National Conference in Atlanta. This was their imaging for the conference: Flashforward to the present where the Wired Business Conference

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