Month: March 2011

free call for speakers

Any speaker worth their salt should never speak for free. What many people (including many meeting organizers) don’t understand is that even though a speaker is “only speaking for an hour”, in reality, there are several days of prep, travel,

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long term brands work

Diet Coke has surpassed Pepsi for the first time to become the second-most popular soft drink in the country. Regular Coke is still in the top spot. Pepsi underwent a massive rebrand for most of their product lines in 2008.

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the one where I offer $500 for a burger

Ever feel like you get attacked by a certain topic? The universe is assaulting me with In-N-Out Burger. Just a few examples: Earlier this year, the advertising class I teach delved into a long discussion about the brand equity of

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creepy fancy feast

The first time I saw this my immediate thought was that it was some sort of joke. But the punchline never came. It’s real. Obviously, I’m not in the target demo of “cat lady wanting love”, but I’m dumbfounded (and

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trash talking yourself

Marketing has always been about promoting something so that people will buy it. So it’s always interesting to see campaigns where a company is encouraging customers not to use their own product. Probably the most (in)famous example is the tobacco

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the uninspired white meat

The National Pork Board has announced that, starting today, they will abandon their 25 year old tagline for pork, “The Other White Meat”, for a new slogan: “Pork: Be Inspired.” Their new website,, has more info on the new

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