Month: January 2011

how the brand extension cookie crumbles

There’s a great marketing lesson to be gleaned from recent news about Girl Scout cookies. The Girl Scouts have announced they are downsizing the varieties of cookies they sell to just six flavors. They’ll now just offer Thin Mints, Do-Si-Dos, Trefoils,

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4 points to remember as you begin a mobile marketing strategy

If your web strategy just revolves around people sitting behind a desktop or laptop computer, you need to wake up. We’re passing the point where we can say “mobile is coming”. It’s here. The Wall Street reports that… “by 2013

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moving a blog from blogspot to wordpress

I’m normally just an occasional lurker in the weekly #blogchat on Twitter. But Sunday night’s #blogchat was about changing blogging platforms — a subject that I’ve had intimate experience with. I started blogging in January 2005 on Blogger at

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social media math

This post is not about the numbers. It’s about common sense. It doesn’t really matter how many followers you have or what your Klout score is — just as long as you’re using those social media channels to engage your

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brand mutiny aboard the Pequod

The basic question is: Do you know this mermaid well enough for her to carry an entire global brand? Even though you may have seen her everyday for the past 40 years, I don’t think anyone has really noticed her.

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