Month: December 2010

best of 2010

This is my 463rd post at the end of 6 years of blogging. In the last week of each year that I have blogged, I have done a list of top / favorite posts from the past year. You can

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the jolly old brand

I had been thinking about writing a Christmas post, but couldn’t come up with an idea. Then I realized I’d already written the post; it was just ensconced in a book. What follows is an excerpt (pages 53-56) from Chapter 7 (Brands are

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influential brand advocates

Lots of talk on Twitter lately about the connection between brand advocates and brand influencers. (by the way, you may know brand advocacy better by the term “word-of-mouth”) During these discussions, I tweeted: Advocacy depends on what you do. Influence

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the new principles of Advertising

Do you know someone who needs a better understanding of the “new” world of media, advertising, and PR? From 24-Jan to 13-May, I’ve been asked to teach an online course on the Principles of Advertising for Western Kentucky University. Officially,

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