Month: March 2010

turn me off

You can use these in blog posts, presentations, etc, but I will seize up and stop accepting your premise at that point. I conducted a survey of my Facebook (twitter, etc) friends… Huge peeve of mine, but there are proper

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drive by social media

Ahhhh. The age of customer empowerment. Nothing quite as satisfiying as sticking it to the man with a social media lashing.  I’ve written on this blog and elsewhere that this is a good thing for both customers and brands. It

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blitz aftermath

You should never eat food cooked by a skinny chef. You also should never buy a marketing book from someone who can’t get the message out about that book. I am really happy with the success of Tuesday’s Amazon Blitz

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caught with their pants down

Back in February during “the big game”, there were two commercials with surprisingly similar creative executions. Both Dockers and CareerBuilder had spots that featured men without pants. If you can’t (or won’t) remember the ads, watch the Dockers ad here

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amazon blitz

In the spirit of Joseph Jaffe’s Amazon bumrush, I’m holding the Brand Zeitgeist Amazon Blitz on Tuesday. Basically, the Amazon blitz is a focusing of all online efforts to game the Amazon sales ranks. If a book goes up on

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learning as you go

I would venture to say there are very few people who would skydive, ride a bull, wrestle alligators, or climb one of the Seven Summits without experience or at least after watching a very good orientation video. And yet companies

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the anti lemmings

While mass communication has become more individualized and singular in focus, there’s still a feeling, that in order to have any effect, you have to spread your message to thousands (millions?). That’s not always true. You don’t need a big

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