Month: January 2010

judging the book by the cover

Finally. I present to you the cover of Brand Zeitgeist. My book, which will be available in March, reinforces basic marketing and branding principles and illustrates how organizations can use fundamental aspects of human nature to develop a brand strategy.

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insurgents in your organization

Late last week, Alex Bogusky was elevated from CD of Crispin Porter + Bogusky to “Chief Creative Insurgent” of the ad agency’s parent company MDC Partners. Hmmm. Since, by definition, an insurgent is a rebel who revolts against authority or acts

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punish your biggest fans

A memo from the top brass at the New York Times was sent to employees about the plan to charge for online content at… Today we are announcing that we will be introducing a paid model for at

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christine is not jared

Way back in the “early oughts”, Pepsico / Tricon (now known as Yum!) employed Jason “george costanza” Alexander to make the pitch that Kentucky FRIED Chicken was diet food. It was attacked as a stupid outrageous advertising campaign and was quietly

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