Month: June 2009

do as they say not as they do

Q. — As a general rule, what industry (as a whole) has the worst web sites? A. — Ad Agencies. I’ve noticed most agency web sites have a few common characteristics: Rule #1: Flash! Staff / Management Bios: Wacky, fun,

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that’s just great

Attention Non-profits (and for-profits): Maybe this is the reason you aren’t getting decent media coverage. If you’re not putting in the effort to get a pertinent message to the proper media outlet, why should they put in the effort to

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rebranding the hut

In one of the worst “re-branding” moves that I’ve ever seen, Pizza Hut is dropping pizza from its name and will now be known in some locations as just ‘The Hut‘. What a great move. Trash over 50 years of

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your company’s looming social media disaster

Think about if you’ve met any of these cutting edge people… Remember when the Macarena came out? You probably danced it at some public gathering for the few weeks it was popular. Then it went away. And then a few

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bada bing

Lots of people are hating Bing just because it’s from MSFT. I think you can find lots of other reasons to hate it including that Bing can’t seem to find things that are on the Internet — which is the

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