Month: May 2009

the little things

People get excited about and take photos of little bottles of shampoo. Studies show that tips increase when the diner is given an after-dinner mint and the tip increases even more when the mint is personally handed to the diner

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the one where I’m motivational

I think I’ve met this guy and many others very much like him. When you’re in marketing, people come to you and want you to help them tell others about their crazy ideas. And sometimes, by the time they want

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business books at the movies

You know, the movie is never as good as the book. Seems it’s pretty hard to capture the essence of a fictional (or real life) written story into a screenplay. But what kind of huge challenge would be faced when

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bad realtor ads

I have expressed my general dislike of poor marketing techniques of local REALTORS® before. (Has the National Association of REALTORS® also registered® the overuse of ALL CAPS®?) But now there’s a one-stop shop to highlight the worst of the worst.

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names are important

Walking down Gervais Street in Columbia SC last week, I snapped this on my cell phone. Maybe the financial industry wasn’t the best industry for this guy to get into?

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frenzied oprah chickens

You know, it looks like businesses would learn from other companies’ mistakes. After several big corporations failing to deliver with large scale national freebie giveaways in the last few months, KFC decided to fail larger than anyone with its free grilled

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at least there was a call to action

If your phone call doesn’t get through, maybe you could send them a letter. I wonder if they prompt customers to email their telemarketing department.

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