Month: February 2009

i need to stop making suggestions on this blog

Last May, I made a outrageous suggestion in a blog post with the caveat not to laugh because it may happen. Well, it may be happening. Sure, the CEO seems a little spacey… “Michael makes a lot of this stuff up

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does not rhyme with orange

The whole Tropicana fiasco fascinates me. While the new image looks very modern (and generic), it turns out people don’t want trendy OJ packaging. They want to be able to quickly pick up their favorite orange juice at the grocery. My big

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i feel like something is missing today

I feel discombobulated. I feel like I may have been brainwashed by the government to expect some sort of big event today.  But so far, nothing is happening. Maybe I’ll eventually get over it — maybe by June.  I need

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exposure does not equal success

I’ve often said (and blogged here) that politics is nothing more than marketing. The district adjacent to my own just wrapped up a special election to fill a vacated state senate seat. The race was between an ambulance chasing lawyer

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i’m here — hope you are too

If you’re reading this in your rss feed reader, then you’ve made it with me to the new blog. As I said in the last blogspot post, I should have done this a long time ago and really should have

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the last blogspot post

It’s something that I should have done a long time ago, but this weekend, I am biting the bullet. Effective 7-feb-2009, I am moving the Shotgun Marketing Blog to a new location at my business site at If I

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the chickens eat mice wearing red shorts

It’s one of my major mantras. Brand does not equal logo. Brand is an emotional relationship with a product or service. Too many times companies just slap a logo onto something and say they’re selling a brand. Today’s Exhibit: Disney

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