Month: January 2009

congress is missing wheel of fortune

You probably already knew this — bu the government is made up of complete idiots. I wrote a post last summer that proved the Feb 17th digital TV switch had been promoted enough that a 3-year old could understand what

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no such thing as bad press?

Marketing Tip — Always put your logo on the buoyant end of the plane. btw– Supposedly this was the first pic of the event taken from an iPhone and immediately uploaded to Twitter using Twitpic. The MSM then interviewed the

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maybe you should cancel your meeting

Here’s something that sounds weird coming from me: Most conferences and meetings are a complete waste of time/money/resources for both organizers and attendees. I do several events a year as a marketing speaker. Since, no matter what business you’re in,

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sacrifice your friends for free meat

This month, it will be six years since Crispin Porter + Bogusky took over the Burger King business and started serving up quirky and viral campaigns that have been critically acclaimed by those in the ad biz. Coq Roq, Whopper

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ad and marketing phrases that I hate

Don’t make me hate you. Don’t use these. new state of the art websiteAs opposed to our old website which was run by steam and coal. got (insert product here)?We got milk and that was enough. Thanks. free giftEver paid

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