focus on the wrong things

Most people starting a business spend entirely too much time, energy and money playing house rather than marketing the business. They focus on setting up a corporation, printing business cards, pens, etc. And all that seems like a lot of work and they’re busy. But they’re not in business…not yet.

Here’s how you need to allocate your upfront time:
1% – do I have legal and financial structures in place to do business (copyrights, bank accounts, etc)
49% – Do people want to buy what I’m selling?
50% – Do I have a marketing plan?

You’re not really in business until someone gives you money for what you’re in business for.

One thought on “focus on the wrong things”

  1. Great point Chris, I help clients market their businesses online. Most of the time business owners care more about how their site looks then what objectives it helps to achieves.

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