Month: October 2008

focus on the wrong things

Most people starting a business spend entirely too much time, energy and money playing house rather than marketing the business. They focus on setting up a corporation, printing business cards, pens, etc. And all that seems like a lot of

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seth doesn’t care for purple cows

Today Seth wrote a post that seems to partially contridict the entire thesis of one of his most popular books, Purple Cow. (main takeaway from the book — Be remarkable. Stand out. Etc) From those who have read the book,

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While I’m sure one of the ways you’ll celebrate Monday is to go buy some furniture, you can also celebrate by re-living this Columbus Day post from 2005.

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speaking south

A few notes on upcoming speaking events: (near) Birmingham, AL — On Fri Nov 14, I’ll be talking healthcare B2B marketing at the annual national meeting of the Contact Lens Manufacturers Association.(more info and registration) Baton Rouge, LA — I

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no thanks

So I get this email from a major organization that you’re well aware of — ….we’ve received inquiries from [redacted] members who are wondering about the reports they are receiving from [redacted], Inc. We put together a short FAQ to

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