Month: June 2008

mommy blog versus the big O

One of the 5 or so books that are in my head ready to be written is about the marketing power of Oprah. It’s tentatively titled “The Oprah Effect” and it would look at the products/services/people that she has “touched”.

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So today was Bill Gates’ last day. However, there was an incident. As he tried to leave the building for good, this popped up in the door:He couldn’t get it to go away and none of his keys worked. Eventually,

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opportunity missed

You never want a tragedy to strike in your town. But if it does, the local newspaper’s online edition should be the source for constant updated information. And that newspaper should assume that it will get hit with a load

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There are only 5?

Oh. I can come up with many more ways to be annoying, but GeneratorLand has come up with five reasons why marketing people tend to annoy their colleagues. If you look at his 5 reasons, you’ll notice a common theme.

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cyprus snail spam

I’ve been getting alot of pitches lately in the inbox. (You know, because I’m such an A-lister.) But while the spinmeisters sending the email are working hard to find marketing/business blogs, they’re not putting much effort into the actual pitches.

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the pervasive brand

The entire customer experience defines the brand. During a moving lunch break on Saturday, we went to a hard core southern bbq joint. The brand image that was trying to be conveyed was evident:The food carried the brand message. (in

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and the dominoes started to fall

I called it. Today’s announcement — United is following American’s lead. Of course, when your industry is hated and someone else has already taken the brunt of the PR backlash — decisions like these are pretty easy. Way to step

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