Month: May 2008

give me 6 months

I don’t mean to keep hatin’ on ’em, but it’s just such easy pickings. From AdAge, about blog coverage of American’s $15 bag PR fiasco, Mr. Flanagan, who felt media coverage of the announcement and on some blogs was very

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eliminating the last olive

There’s been some minor buzz about the customer service atrocity of hidden fees. But as with most things in our society, it’s quickly forgotten with the next thing that snaps the masses’ head another direction. There’s hidden fee news today

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that will be one amazing person

In a couple of weeks, I’m going to call this company because I REALLY want to meet the person they hired for this job. Marketing, PR, accounting, and HR all rolled up in one. Wow. Why not add “company mechanic”

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accidental branding

David Vinjamuri recently sent me a copy of his new book, Accidental Branding which is excellent.Long time readers of this blog know that I declare that brand strategy is always deliberate, but that brand image is ultimately created by the

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