Month: April 2008

jared has lots of stamps

Read this consumer review of a Subway in Ohio. Just as demanding as the Seinfeldian Soup Nazi, I’ve dealt with many Subway Nazi “sandwich artists”. And it’s always about the minor things like a drink refill, a few extra olives,

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someone tried to proposition me in a hotel lobby

Last week, I was in Chicago speaking to a group. The hotel had an afternoon social time that I stopped at one afternoon to grab a snack. While I was sitting there, a young guy came in and started talking

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come check my wiring harness

I’m a Southwest person. If they don’t go where I’m going, I’m a US Airways person. With US Airways alliances, sometimes they stick me on a United flight. I haven’t flown on American in about 10 years — until a

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wanna see me?

A brief blogging pit stop to announce some public events I’ll be speaking at in the next few months. April 11 (Chicago) — Inland Press Interactive Media SeminarsA big day for newspapers with lots of discussion on multimedia in journalism

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