Month: March 2008


I’ve always disliked focus groups as a marketing tool.But I hope you find as much useful information in your next focus group as they found out in this one.

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is he dead or did he invent the turducken?

It was just the other day I was having a conversation with someone about Paul Prudhomme. I don’t remember the specifics of the conversation (or even who I was having it with), but at one point the question came up

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results rather than messages

Two true stories that make a point… Story#1Last week, a media property I work with was being pitched a service from a major web company — a company you’ve probably used today. We were fairly sure we wanted the service

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tweet checks

You’ve probably already heard about the Zuckerberg interview fiasco at SXSW. If not, here’s a good overview and Jarvis has some insight. After spending years in marketing and media, I’ve learned a few things that are showcased in this particular

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double half caff

Earlier this week, Advertising Age quoted me in an article on some comments I made about Starbucks shutting down over 7,000 locations one night in late February for a barista boot camp.It’s now old news, but let me clarify and

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look at me!!!

So Firebrand failed. That’s amazing. Hard to believe that people don’t want to watch a show or web channel that has nothing but ads. In several of my marketing talks, I make the implicit point that no one cares about

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