Month: February 2008

proof shame

Let me first say that I have made many mistakes. A few have been made in life and many more have been made in my marketing efforts. I have approved print jobs with both minor and egregious errors. I have

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Google Robber Barons

I’ll tell you exactly why “advertisers are simply bidding on and buying fewer keywords” to make the number of ad clicks fall in January for Google and Yahoo. It’s because they’re sticking it to their advertisers (or at least Google

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customer misservice

After years of building customer service infrastructure (like outsourced support numbers, online service chats with robots, on-hold purgatory, etc) that distances a company from their biggest asset (their customers), the customers are now catching up and biting back with their

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free parking

Here’s some marketing fun you can have the next time you go out. If the parking lot you’re going into has an “Employee of the Month” parking space close to the front door, park in it. When (and if) you’re

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weird doesn’t even begin

I know I said that I wouldn’t be commenting on Super Bowl ads. But these two ads are like a fetish car wreck. They’re so bizarre and twisted that I can’t look away. Apparently, both were rejected by Fox (*Fox

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print publishing and online

Mitch Joel has some insight from this NAA report about the print publishing business. The report focuses on the positive numbers that newspaper websites are racking up. While at the same time, newspapers are covered in sackcloth and ashes about

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captains log

Stardate — 248630.42We’ve entered a new solar system. The planets we’re exploring rotate around a star named Ethel Fragmeyer. Apparently, in the early 21st century, Ethel’s husband, Frank was looking for a gift for a holiday the people of that

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