Month: January 2008

spoonful of sugar

I’ve been expecting it to blow up. Marketing Rule #2634 — If all the players in one industry start a marketing arms-race, it will escalate to a point that one of the players will be stupid enough to launch the

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what will irritate me for the next few weeks

We’re entering Advertising’s most holy time of year. The Super Bowl (or as their legal hounds would prefer, “the big game”, which also ticks me off) is advertising’s moment in the sun. For a few weeks in the dead of

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Minimal copy. Clean layout. Easily recognizable logo. The Apple look.

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sweet sassy mo lassy

Today is the anniversary of one of my favorite surreal historical events, Boston’s Great Molasses Flood. The Great Boston Molasses Tragedy, occurred on January 15, 1919, in the North End neighborhood of Boston. A large molasses tank burst and a

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a conversation that’s happening somewhere RIGHT NOW

Clueless Marketing Guy #1 — We need to synergize our viralness on the web2.0 gravytrain. Clueless Marketing Guy #2 — What? #1 — We need something cool and interactive on the web that engages our customers. #2 — Let’s put

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pigskin branding

The Miami Dolphins have had one of the worst seasons ever. They finished with only 1 win and 15 losses which ties the NFL record for most losses in a season. Obviously, most Dolphins fans and citizens of South Florida

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junk in the trunk

I have a love-hate relationship with Penelope Trunk. On one hand, she does sometimes have a far-sighted vision for where the concept of “work” is going and how to deal with the realities of the new workplace. Sometimes, she gives

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