Month: September 2007

square hole round peg problems

Here’s the thing that people get wrong about their web presence: It’s not about building a second version of yourself, your business, or your industry online. It’s about starting fresh with a new platform to reach a new audience. But

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Budget Eye

Most of the people that DON’T have an eye for good design are also the same people that DO control advertising purse strings.

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Attention Small Business People

If a media salesperson is putting together your entire media buy for you “as a favor”… Or if a media salesperson is your buddy and is “helping” you buy advertising… You really need to have a reality check. I refer

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Clerical Marketers

It never ceases to amaze me the number of clerical positions in smaller companies who are also the “marketing person” for the company. And that’s not a slam against the good people in clerical positions. It’s a slam against management

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call me – or not

People are discovering the Do Not Call List has an expiration date. And telemarketers are ready to pounce. But here’s the thing that someone with common sense would understand:If someone didn’t want to be marketed to 5 years ago, they

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