Month: August 2007

how to keep people from using your site

Please create a password.chris We’re sorry, but the password must contain at least one numeric character.chris1 We’re sorry, but the password must not contain any part of your username.chris123 We’re sorry, but the password must contain part of pi.chris3.14 We’re

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guerrillas peeing in the ocean

Normally, I’m a cynic when it comes to the concept of guerrilla marketing. There are several reasons:–As with most marketing platforms, it’s misunderstood. People call some things guerrilla marketing that really aren’t.–Some guerrilla marketing tactics should be part of a

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Playing House

For many people who are starting a business, the first step of planning involves a call or online order to Lands End for the embroidered shirts. Their next step is spending gi-normous amounts of cash with lawyers, branding consultants, and

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Reflections on Barcamp Nashville

After taking some time to absorb the experience and decompress, here are a few scattered thoughts on Barcamp Nashville. There’s been a healthy discussion going on (like here and here) about how it wasn’t a “real barcamp”. While I tend

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Barcamp Nashville

Barcamp Nashville has been interesting…..with neat speakers, great people, and a warm room (in more ways than one). I had planned to liveblog while I was here, but I’ve had some wi-fi trouble. 60 has been posting and the twitter

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Thank You Thank You Very Much

Today is Elvis’ death day. When I was in college, I and a friend accidentally wound up in Memphis on Aug 16. It’s very interesting. Lots of interesting people. Lots of corny stuff. Everything at the Graceland complex is exactly

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Important to who?

Most of what you think is incredibly important about your product/service is meaningless to the people you’re trying to talk to. Most marketing fails because you’re trying to solve your marketing problem rather than the problems of your consumers.

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