Month: July 2007

Speaking at BarCamp Nashville

I’m very excited to be speaking at BarCamp Nashville. I will be giving my “Social Media and Blogs in Corporate Marketing” presentation at 12:20pm on August 18th in Nashville. As you can see from the barcamp schedule, the organizers have

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Reality Check

Recently, I spoke to a group of late teens/early 20-somethings about online media. These students were in an honors class in one of the top journalism schools in the country. They were all on Facebook heavily About half were on

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Come on Down

I speak / write / blog about brands alot. My mantra is that brands are not created by marketing. The creation of a brand is assisted by things like logos, brand strategies, and the like. But in the end, a

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Info Assault

I wonder if the people who think that all information on their website has to be presented on the home page… …have all the furniture in their house placed by the front door.

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Engaged Media

Today, I had the chance to be at a meeting where a representative of Simmons Market Research Bureau gave a sneak peek of the methodology and findings of their new Multi-Media Engagement Study. Right now, it’s only being done with

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Fire Your Customers

It seems that Sprint has “fired” some of their customers. Good for them. With some of these “demon” customers, it becomes unprofitable and not worth the abuse to your employees to keep a customer with whom you can’t reach contentment.

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We’re the only ones

A story in today’s paper was highlighting the owner of a new restaurant in town. ” (name of owner) said the restaurant is competitive with its customer-centric hospitality. “Nobody really does that anymore,” (name of owner) said.” Really? No one

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