Month: June 2007

Brioche Eaters

So I’m working with a web designer on a project for a client and I notice there are several glitches on the website when I view it in my browser. The web designer emails –“Yes. I’m building and optimizing for

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If you can’t sell ’em, just scare ’em

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I need your help

I’m very excited about my latest iron in the fire. I will be teaching a class at Western Kentucky University this fall that explores interactive online technologies and methods used in journalism and media. My big idea for the class

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Small Rule

The smaller an available ad space, the more information the client (or salesperson) will want to cram in it.

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Jump Ideas

I just returned from delivering a marketing talk at the World Tea Expo in Atlanta. Hats off to Stacy and all the event staff. It was one of the best organized conferences I’ve attended in a long while. Being a

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No Go Logo

There’s been quite a bit of online conversation and critique about the 2012 Olympic logo. Great comments from Hugh who was actually there when it was unveiled. And Seth had some great advice for people who speak jargon-ese to detract

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Salespeople types

Lots of people confuse sales with marketing and vice versa. Sales is an important function of marketing and sometimes that function is carried out by salespeople. Unfortunately, good salespeople are hard to find. I’m sure you’ve run across one or

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