Month: May 2007

Rebrand Nation

I don’t want to get into the politics of it, but this article from Slate is a wonderful example of the mistakes that are made when you try to “REBRAND” through words and not actions. It doesn’t matter what you

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Top 25

Mack has changed his ranking system from Alexa to Technorati and the Shotgun Marketing Blog has made it into the 22 position of the Top 25 Marketing Blogs for this week. Add this to the Shotgun Marketing Blog hanging around

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Smack them hard on the bottom

Companies haven’t figured out the whole user-created paradigm yet. They know it’s hot and they want to get in on it, but when they try it’s as awkward as someone’s mother trying to hang with her kids’ friends. Take this

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We hear alot about the erosion of the power of traditional media. It used to be easy to hit a consumer. Three networks, a couple of radio stations, a newspaper and you were done. It’s not so easy now. The

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They’re doing what?

I was talking to someone today at a media property about an organization that I used to be involved with. Apparently, the organization has taken an informal poll among their 70 or so employees about favorite radio stations, newspapers, TV,

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Ideas under a bushel

What do the “Las Vegas Welcome Sign“, the term “Yellow Pages” (along with the walking fingers, and the Bible have in common? None of them are copyrighted. Anyone can print a telephone directory and call it the Yellow Pages. Any

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Tea time

Tea is hot. (rim shot)Seriously, it’s a growing phenomenon with huge opportunities. I’ve been invited to speak at the 2007 World Tea Expo which brings in the entire international crowd who market tea from the time it’s picked to when

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