Month: April 2007

Customer Service not Customer Systems

A local hospital subscribes to the Planetree system of patient care. They pump it on every promotional piece they have. Every commercial is tagged with it. My challenge to the hospital would be to randomly select 100 patients and ask

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Media and Marketing in a Tragedy

A few observations about the events this week at Virginia Tech… Change of the GuardWhere did all these kids immediately turn to for information? They didn’t huddle around a radio. They didn’t gather around a TV. They didn’t even pick

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High pitched sound from Corbin

KFC has gone the way of the ad gimmick like GE’s Tivo commericals. They’ve inserted a high pitched sound in a spot that supposedly only young ears can hear. It’s the same high pitched frequency used in teen repellent. See

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You own a pizza company. You bake a pizza and have the delivery driver randomly pick a house out of the phone book to deliver the pizza to. The owner of the house has to “opt-out” of the pizza delivery.

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Second No-Life

Excellent story here with GigaOm (via Hugh) on why marketing in Second Life doesn’t work. I have never really understood the Second Life hype or the rush for companies to “build” a marketing campaign in SL. My presumption on why

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Big Marketing on a Small Budget webinar

It’s always a good thing when you’re invited back. I have been contracted by HealthLeaders Media to participate in another healthcare marketing webinar called Big Marketing on a Small Budget. It’s coming up soon on Tuesday, April 24. My co-presenters,

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More dumb direct mail

The postman knows I’ve spent my life savings on hot wings and baseball cards. But because of smart labeling, he delivered this anyway.

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