Month: March 2007

16 seed

John over at Brand Autopsy put together a March Madness bracket of 64 of the top marketing blogs. In the Midwest Bracket, the Shotgun Marketing Blog (the 16 seed) went up against the #1 seed which was…Seth Godin. There was

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Who’s in control?

First off, this is an a-political post. I have no horse in the race. I’m just looking at the marketing/media issues of this situation. If you haven’t heard, there’s a web video circulating that uses footage from the classic 1984

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Gump Marketing

Lately, I’ve noticed lots of companies have adopted a Forrest Gump marketing philosophy. This occurs when you’re not taking care of the marketing side of the business, but you’re still growing and opportunities are presenting themselves because of destiny and/or

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Awol. Sorry.

Posting has been light lately as I have been embroiled in several client and in-house projects. Long hours now, but two neat items on the horizon. Look for a new webinar with Health Leaders Media coming up in late April.

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This Old Pledge Week

It’s pledge week for both my local public television stations. And frankly, it’s annoying on many levels. Don’t get me wrong. I really like public TV. I watch both these channels quite a bit. But here’s the problem. The shows

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You know some of this

Vizu Research in conjunction with Ad Age has done a blog readership study. Some interesting numbers, a few things you already knew, and some surprises: –How many and how often do people read blogs?-30.8% of blog readers read more than

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Keystone Cop Chowda

Read this news story from Boston I wonder if the City of Boston will make the City of Boston pay for the response to their terrorist traffic counter. I also wonder if the head of the Traffic Counter network will

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