Month: February 2007

Don’t trust bloggers

So…today I’m in a meeting discussing an online venture and the topic turns to blogging. Of course, I say that it would be a great addition to an online portfolio. But one of the meeting’s participants was completely turned off

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William Henry Harrison

In my main keynote, I take the audience through a series of three essential elements for successful marketing. The first element, “Marketing begins with the Product” is usually met with a collective “Duh” from the room. But so many organizations

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Habenero Ice Cream

I love it when I’m right. I predicted a few months ago that the C-level masses were going to take the concept of The Long Tail and corrupt it. And today, I received an email newsletter from the CEO of

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You can sell anything

Sometimes you hear complaints that it’s hard to sell things to today’s healthy and environmentally conscious consumer. Or instead of complaining, you could have a huge success with an environmentally unfriendly dye used on a piece of pesticide-laced tissue that

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Michiana Blogging Presentation

While getting there felt like this, I had a great time delivering the “Blogs/Social Media – Marketing as Conversation” presentation to the Michiana chapter of the American Advertising Federation yesterday. I told the group I would have the presentation on

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Rethinking the web

The next time you have to explain what “Web 2.0” or “social media” is to someone…just forward them the link to this… The last 15-30 seconds are the best (on the Wikipedia page). We ARE going to have to redefine

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Guerilla Stupidity

So many things to say about the marketing campaign/terror scare in Boston. First off, I’m a huge fan of unconventional low cost marketing, but I hate “guerrilla marketing” with a passion. The original concept of guerrilla marketing was a good

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