Month: January 2007

Free to move about the cabin

First off, let me make clear that I’m a huge fan of Southwest Airlines. When I travel, they are my first choice for an airline. The price, the company culture, and common sense methodology that they use to run a

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Speaking odds and ends

Two upcoming events on the speaking calendar…1) Next Tuesday, I will be presenting at a private corporate event in Las Vegas2) In around 3 weeks on Feb 7, I will be delivering the “Blogs – Marketing as Conversation” talk for

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Include cracklins on all fish orders

The local fishmonger sent this insert in the paper. So which is it? Are all the combos the “one price” of 3.99? Or is just the cheapest one 3.99? Maybe the Captain had malt vinegar in his eye during the

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Fewer Unpopped Kernels

You’re an agency and you’ve just landed the Orville Redenbacher popcorn account. During the brainstorm session, someone says “Let’s have Orville Redenbacher in the spots!” Don’t let the fact that he died 11 years ago stop you. CP+B apparently aren’t

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Marketing teaspoon

I don’t know where this story should be attributed. But ever since I heard it several years ago, I’ve always remembered it…. There was a businessman who was having lunch with an older collegue. The businessman was telling his friend

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Welcome to Cicis!

Because I was on that side of town today and needed a quick easy lunch, I found myself inside a CiCi’s Pizza It’s one of those places that for under 5 bucks, you can pull a chair up to the

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Marketing Carnival

Fellow Kentucky marketing blogger Nick Rice recently emailed and asked me to submit a post to be included in his Marketing (r)evolution Carnival which he sees as an aggregation of some of the best thoughts on the future of advertising,

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