Best of 2006

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Last year around this time, I posted the “Best of 2005” posts here on the Shotgun Marketing Blog. And once you start something like that…it never stops.

The rationale for what’s on the 2006 list? These are posts that got lots of feedback from readers…became mini-ideaviruses around the web…or are just posts that I like alot.

And as I said last year, thank you so much for being a reader, thinking that some of this stuff is worthwhile, and spreading the word….

And now, roll the year-end tribute reel….

Problems and Solutions
Figure out the marketing problem BEFORE the solution

Your Account is Currently Overdue
Spend millions on marketing…and then have it crushed with 39 cents.

Changing Words – Changing Brands and follow-up
To change a brand…change the experience…not just the words.

New Business Strategy
I spread knowledge to millions of Russians in three paragraphs.

Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics and follow-up
When you publish numbers, they become real.

Who’s in Charge Here?
Sounds personal.

Marketing a Start-Up
Marketing is best built in…not slapped on.

Planetary Branding
Before you go “re-branding”, ask yourself if Pluto is a planet.

Published :: A Marketer’s Guide to HIPAA
The culmination of my “year of HIPAA. My name will forever be tied to ISBN# 1578398754

State of the “Un-Blogosphere
Surprise! There’s a whole world out there.

Users First
Your customers are what “monetize” a business. Stop developing short term strategies that kill long term gains.


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