Month: December 2006

To the power of Z

Even though one of the “A-listers” recently corrupted the meme, the Z-list has had an amazing effect (for me anyway) Rising 70,000 spots in a few weeks makes you dizzy. After rising so quickly, I may get the bends. But

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Make them Hate you

While the common marketer is making great strides to have the customer LOVE the product and company, the sly cunning marketer knows that an alternate strategy is to make them hate you. It worked for Phillip Morris aka Altria. Click

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Best of 2006

NOTICE: All the links in this post go to the old blogspot location. If you’d like to read these posts, please browse the best of 2006 tag. Thanks.****************** Last year around this time, I posted the “Best of 2005” posts

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Prediction: Time Magazine’s announcement of “You” as Person of the Year will be greeted this week in 2 ways… 1) Here in the blogosphere, on You Tube, in WikiPedia, etc…there will be great fanfare that social media has hit the

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Pyramid Z List

Hey! I’m at the center of a blogger meme. (and at the top of a pyramid scheme!) Mack over at the Viral Garden thinks some of the “Z-listers” are getting messed over by the insane way that Technorati ranks “authority”.

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Users First

There’s been quite a bit of talk over the past few days about some remarks that Jim Buckmaster, an executive at Craigslist, made at a media conference in New York last Thursday. It seems that Buckmaster stated that he has

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From all of us to all of you

Ahh….the snow….the decorations….the wasted advertising dollars. It’s the time of year that salespeople go out and bilk unsuspecting small business owners into wasting their “advertising dollars” for holiday greetings. In case you’re thinking of buying, here’s some ready-made copy… Shotgun

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