Month: November 2006

Amusing is good. I like amusing.

Mr. Cartoons-drawn-on-the-back-of-business-cards and Global Microbrand uber-guru Hugh Macleod over at GapingVoid requested an under 500 word marketing manifesto. I sent him an expanded version of one of my most quoted posts from back in March of 2005. The Marketing-by-Committee manifesto

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Liar Friday

Just now, someone popped into the office and said they’d heard some shocking news… “People are shopping today” It ranks right up there with the hard hitting headline of… “The sun came up this morning” It reminded me of a

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Selling Spoons

“Honey, while you’re down at the Kroger, pick up a package of spoons. But make sure to get the ones you can use “inside”. “Don’t worry, darling. Using technology from NASA, they’ve now developed plastic spoons that you can use

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Real Numbers

As I said in this post and followed up with this post…when you do a survey and then publish the numbers, the numbers become real. When people are shown statistics, very few people will question the methodology that was used

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Cream and Sugar

Saturday afternoon on the way to Nashville, I stopped at a McDonalds to get a Coke. Here’s the conversation that the person in front of me had with the cashier… GUY: Senior coffee, please MICKEY D: Would you like for

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State of the UnBlogosphere

David Sifry recently posted the latest State of the Blogosphere. As always, the medium looks strong and growth is explosive. And as always, the blogosphere is excited about the new numbers. But, I have a slightly different take on “the

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The year of HIPAA

This has been the “year of HIPAA” for me. Earlier this year, along with Kate Borten, I worked on both the Marketing under HIPAA webinar and book. Recently, I was asked to write an article for the November issue of

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