Month: October 2006

I’m Chris Houchens and I approved this message

Flickr image from shenghunglinTwo years ago, I wrote an article for a marketing publication about the politics of marketing…or the marketing of politics…whatever. There are some relevant points in the article to this election cycle I want to expand on

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I wonder what they call it in Hawaii

“We want to be a household name.” That may be the wish of some businesses. But be careful what you wish for. Ask the folks at Kleenex, Xerox, Google, Reynolds Wrap, Windex…who became “household names” and the brand became a

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Experiences in the Mens Room

I took a trip to Cincinnati for a meeting over the weekend. While on the trip, I had two experiences in drying my hands that made me “FEEL” differently. Let’s explore those feelings. (and of course, tie them to marketing.

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Leaving Kansas City

My life as a telephone resident of Kansas City, MO is over. As you may remember, Sprint thought I was enough of an influencer that they made me a Sprint Ambassador back in March. [catch up on the story here

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Various and Sundry

There was an episode of the short-lived sitcom, Just the Ten of us when Coach Lubbock built a homemade skateboard for his son. The coach thought that something he built would be cool to all of his son’s friends. The

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