Month: September 2006

Hummer Escape

I have such a cynical advertising eye that rarely does an ad impress me on first view. It happened tonight while watching NBC’s Sunday Night football. Sure, I don’t know if any of these guys actually make enough to afford

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I just wrapped up 2 exciting action-packed days of analyzing data from a survey. Between walking around bleary-eyed with Excel speadsheets imprinted on my retinas, I noticed something. The concept of the survey was for people to answer (open-response) what

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Caffeinated Promises

There’s the old adage that “if you don’t take care of your customers…someone else will”. That now seems to be the case after Starbucks reneged on an iced coffee internet coupon. As always, when you drop the ball, someone is

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The New CW

There was a slight buzz when the news came out, but there’s not much talk (in marketing anyway) about the new CW Network which will launch as a merger of the weak WB and UPN networks later this month. I

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