Not playing with a full deck

WARNING: This post has more to do with marketing bloggers than with marketing…

I played football from the time I was in 5th grade until I was a sophomore in High School. In additon, I coached a Little League football team for 6 years. Today, football is about the only sport I watch on TV.

So it was with excitement that I accepted the invitation to join the Yahoo! Sports “Marketing Bloggers Fantasy Football League” that is run by Commish John “Tagliabue” Moore over at Brand Autopsy.

It’s the first time I have ever participated in a Fantasy Football League. So after figuring out the system, I go into the Fantasy dashboard and start developing strategy for Team Shotgun Marketing. I thought I had a pretty good shot going into this weekend. I was wrong.

Apparently, I messed something up….because during the games, I only had a few men “on the field”. Everyone else was benched. As a result, I’m dead last in the rankings.


When I was coaching Little League, it was a constant stuggle counting how many of the kids were on the field. We ran plays with 10 players sometimes and slipped by the officials several times with 12 (or 13) while the kids figured out if they were supposed to be on the field. It’s good to know I’m back on the Little League level with the my Fantasy skill level.

I’m going to try and figure out this new fangled computer stuff. And maybe we’ll rally next weekend.


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