Month: September 2006

Macy’s Anne McDonald

Avid Shotgun Marketing Blog reader, Mark, forwarded me this Ad Age article and video link to an interview with new Macy’s CMO Anne McDonald and wondered what my thoughts are… First off, just in general, I think Federated Department Stores

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Suicide Attempts at 10 2 and 4

You can pay a lot of money to have your logo placed everywhere. Even in places where you have no control over how your brand is presented. Sometimes you can stay top of mind with a strategy like that. And

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Me and Matlock in the hospital

WARNING:: Don’t read this if you get nauseous easily. I believe! Tom Peters. (!) The healthcare system is broken. And not just for the obvious reasons… A bit of background to for you to fully see the foul mood I’m

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World Tea Expo

One of the neat things I love about delivering marketing keynotes and presentations across the country is the variety of disciplines, industries, and people I get to meet. At a meeting, I get to “be a part” of an industry

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I had a horrible lunch today. It was the type of small bakery/sandwich shop that we like to go to. There’s always one or two in every town….located in a reclaimed-refurbished building in the older part of town….mismatched furniture…lots of

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One of my marketing areas of concentration is healthcare marketing. I have several healthcare clients and several of my keynotes are focused on healthcare markeitng. One of the big things that healthcare marketers are in the dark about right now

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Not playing with a full deck

WARNING: This post has more to do with marketing bloggers than with marketing… I played football from the time I was in 5th grade until I was a sophomore in High School. In additon, I coached a Little League football

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