Month: August 2006

Planetary Branding

Before I begin…let me just say this analogy is imperfect…but we’re working on it. The planet Pluto got “demoted” this week. It’s now official. The International Astronomical Union (IAU) stripped Pluto of the planetary status it has held since its

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Changes in Hitland

The buzz is always about how TV and print are changing with…or are threatened by the new digital world. You hardly ever hear anything about radio dealing with the new realities. Maybe that’s because some have already written radio’s obit

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Same Bat Time : Same Bat ?

Quick. What’s wrong with this billboard?(Other than the fact that they make a weird couple.) You’d think a TV station would know something about advertising. But, you’d be wrong. Forgetting one detail makes the entire thing useless. Maybe the dog

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Was this the best option?

I suppose to maintain my status as a blogger, I have to weigh in on SoaP…. On Monday morning, I predict one of two reactions in the “real” world…1) Wow. Snakes on a Plane did great at the box office.

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Viral Purple Cow Synergy

(inspired by the recent good-natured sparring between Hugh and Tara…. ) Life cycle of good ideas:1) Forward thinking individual(s) come up with groundbreaking idea/theory/method/etc2) Group that surrounds individual(s) takes idea and runs with it…improves it…communicates it.3) Sales/marketing/ad folks take idea

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At least the Egyptian ones were useful

So here’s the deal…I have posted my speaking demo/commercial both on Google Video and on You Tube thinking that the viral nature of the beast might result in a speaking gig somehere….or at the very least, a visit to my

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Customers. Not Patients.

As I talk to healthcare groups about the new world of healthcare marketing, I emphasize one point that’s sometimes well-received and that’s sometimes cast aside: The healthcare industry must stop thinking of terms of “patients” and need to start thinking

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