Month: June 2006

Crazy Marketing

As we near the 4th…here’s a little marketing bit to think about. Fireworks businesses and packaging seem to have one of two branding angles….1) Patriotic – Red/White/Blue – Etc2) Insanity – Craziness – Etc I can see the first, but

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The Hotel Restaurant

As I travel around the country speaking at conferences and meetings that take place in various nameless hotel/conference centers, one thing is always the same. It’s the hotel restaurant. I’m sure you’ve eaten at this one restaurant that’s scattered around

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Silence is Golden

It’s summertime and the bloggin’ is easy. My posts have been light over the past few weeks as the humidity reached 188% and frankly, I have nothing to say. The trouble with much of the blogosphere is that people think

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Mac Vs PC

I’ve been meaning to post about the new Apple TV campaign. The one where a cool guy (the Mac) and a nerdy guy (the PC) stand in front of a white screen and converse about their differences. I like the

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Diet Coke Says “Drop Dead” to CGC

In yet another example of companies that “just don’t get it”, Coke is giving a chilly response to some free publicity as some Diet Coke and Mentos fans have used the two products in tandem with some entertaining results. The

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If George Carlin were an ad copywriter

This week, I’ve seen lots of blogs point out and comment on an article from the June BusinessWeek about the Five Words to Never Use in an Ad. The article’s writer thinks those words are: Quality, Value, Service, Caring, and

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Secret of My Success

Follow-up to my Pontiac Apprentice post::The link now forwards to a page that has the following text… “The “Raise the Roof” promotion was a resounding success and has officially ended.” 450,000 visitors short of your goal is a resounding

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