Month: May 2006

Product Placement is HOOOGE

DONALD TRUMP: (reading off cue cards)“The product placement industry is Hooooge. It’s an $8 bajillion dollar a year industry. And I should know. People pay plenty to have their products placed on my show “The Apprentice” which is the #1

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Look! It’s Chris.

Most of my marketing speaking engagements are private affairs. If I invited you, the organizers/company probably wouldn’t be happy. So that’s why I like to send out the alert when I’m doing something open to the public. Actually, there are

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Who’s in Charge Here?

Two stories…see which one you recognize…. (Story #1)So a guy walks into the doctor’s office to have some pre-operative tests and to sign the waiver before his brain surgery next week…. DOCTOR:“I’ve gone over your MRI several times. I plan

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They must think we’re un-stupid

7-Up (*the uncola) has reformulated the soft drink and unleashed a new ad campaign. This move comes after 7-Up apparently figured out that “that other guy who kinda looks like Orlando” was never going to replace Orlando Jones and that

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If you talked to people…

From Gaping Void…Sad that it’s so true. tags:: gapingvoid – hugh macleod – advertising

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Brilliant Marketeer

Flattery will get you everywhere….especially with viral video. This email and link made my Monday morning. Shotgun Marketing Blog Reader Howard Mann sends the following email…. Hi Chris, I’m a big fan of your blog. Your latest post “4 8

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TV commercials are 99% pathetic. For the most part, they’re boring. And the most horrific part…they don’t sell anything. No wonder TV ads are losing effectiveness….and watchers prefer TiVo….and companies are doing evil things like this. The secret is to

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