Month: April 2006

Online Balance

John Wagner has an excellent post about what I have always referred to as “the happy medium”. Sometimes it seems that the PR world has been divided into two camps. One is sold on social media and spends many waking

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The Name Game

Naming a business is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. It’s second only to naming a child (Pass the salt, Veleena.) Nine years ago, I gave my marketing practice the name, Shotgun Concepts. Sometimes people ask me

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Another Corporate Blog Disaster

I would think after the Captain Morgan blog and similar corporate/marketing blog disasters that businesses would have learned one of the 1st rules of corporate blogging…that fictional characters CANNOT blog.But hey, why learn from others mistakes when you can make

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Death of TV ads

Two options for talking to the public… 1) Speak honestly to them. Sometimes they’ll be interested and listen. Sometimes they won’t and will tune you out. Not going to buy this time?….Well, maybe next time. 2) Take out a gun,

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Everything old

The old energy drinks were before their time…now they’re being marketed again. They’re re-introducing Jolt Cola…(via AdJab) Surge has been re-tooled as Vault. Now if we can just get Pepsi to return my favorite discontinued drink, Josta, to store shelves,

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Somebody start working on this

Hey Google or Technorati…or anyone else smart enough to do it…here’s a project that you can start working on…. I would love to see a blog search that goes beyond ranking just by incoming links but as an algorithm with

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Slam Dunk

It’s always interesting to know how consumers actually use your product. The more you know about the use, the better you can market it. A great example is when Avon found out people were using Skin-So-Soft as an insect repellent.

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