Changing Words – Changing Brands

Changing the way you talk about your product DOES NOT change the way consumers view your brand. In order to fully change a brand, you must change the consumer’s experience with your company…not just use different words to describe it.

Huge current case-in-point….
Sticking the word “Premium” in front of the words coffee, chicken sandwich, or salad doesn’t change these facts:

  • These “premium” items are being served next to pictures of a clown and a playland in front of the restaurant
  • These “premium” items are being served to me in paper/cardboard wrappers
  • The people crafting these “premium” foods view my order as one more item on an assembly line before the throw it on a plastic tray. (see previous burger flipper post.)
  • I’m eating my “premium” chicken sandwich/salad…and drinking my “premium” coffee in a plastic chair next to screaming kids eating Happy Meals while a disgruntled minimum-wage worker pushes a stinky mop next to my booth.

To change a brand…change the experience…not just the words.


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