Month: March 2006

Paving Cowpaths

AdJab reports that Chevy is having trouble with some consumer created content for the Chevy Tahoe. Users were given some audio and video collateral to work with and given the opportunity to piece them together as they saw fit. Well

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That Smarts

The Mensa brand is getting beat up right now. Mensa, of course, is “that thing for smart people”. In the Ries branding example of “owning” words…Mensa owns the word “smart”. If someone is a member of Mensa, then you probably

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Your Account is Currently Overdue

This is a marketing sin that is primarily committed by healthcare organizations, but any company can be dumb enough to do it. With an infant in the house, we have quite a few medical bills in the mailbox. Here’s a

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Apprentice ppt

Here’s a Columbo “oh yeah, one more thing” post…. While at lunch, I remembered there was another point I wanted to make in my Apprentice Marketing post. (I need to start taking notes while watching TV) Point 4) – If

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Apprentice Marketing

I thought there might not be any teachable moments in marketing with this season of The Apprentice. But then last night, the tide changed with 3 good marketing points. 1) I preach to clients and speaking audiences all the time

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Healthcare Marketing

I’m quoted several times in an article in the March 2006 issue of Orthopedics Today. While the article is part of a year long series dealing with how to market an orthopedic practice, the information can be used in any

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Surreal Spring Break Marketing

When these kids get back from Spring Break and develop their pictures, will it still seem like an alcohol/drug induced surreal hallucination? The only thing odder would have been for the Subservient Chicken to be in the photos as well.

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