You say potato

When you try to tell a consumer to think contrary to the common world view, you’ll fight an uphill battle and 99% of the time you’ll fail. It’s hard to change the way people think. Really hard. If you try, it’s going to take lots of money.

Currently, NBC is attempting to fight a battle with their coverage of the 2006 Winter Olympics. They say the Olympics are in the Italian city of Torino. You know it better as Turin. (as in the Shroud of…)

Apparently when Dick Ebersol, chairman of NBC Sports, visited Torino/Turin a few years ago, he liked the way “Torino” spilled off the tongues of the locals. They chose to frame the Olympic coverage that way.

However, the AP Stylebook that most journalists follow says to use the English version of foreign cities. It’s Rome, not Roma…Munich, in place of Muenchen…and Moscow instead of Moskva.

Most of the public has heard of the Italian city of Turin…and when you read the Games results in the paper (or anywhere other than NBC), the dateline will be Turin. But when you watch them, they’ll be from Torino.

They say you should never pick a fight with someone who buys ink by the barrel…or has a transmitter. It’ll be interesting to watch a battle to frame the way you think between the inks and the transmitters.


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