Month: February 2006

Filet-o-Fish Spotlight Time

You know Christmas is coming when you first spot Santa Claus. The Fourth of July is on the way when a tent selling fireworks pops up. And Lent is near when every fast-food chain starts touting its lowly fish sandwich

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Design Basics

Via Scoble…I’ve always said that marketing by committee is never a good idea. This video parody shows what might have happened if Microsoft had designed the Ipod box. This is true for creating all your marketing pieces as well.The idea

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From Cherry Hall to Trump Tower

If you’re a long time reader of the Shotgun Marketing BLOG, you know that I like to pull teachable moments in marketing from the NBC “reality” show “The Apprentice”. Season 5 starts tonight and I’m already interested in one of

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Marketing with Sally Struthers

This happens more in small businesses in smaller markets, but I’ve seen examples of it everywhere. “We’re doing a special section this week to highlight the boy’s basketball team trip to the state tournament. Will you support the team?” Ask

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You say potato

When you try to tell a consumer to think contrary to the common world view, you’ll fight an uphill battle and 99% of the time you’ll fail. It’s hard to change the way people think. Really hard. If you try,

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Nerve Gas vs Natural Gas

There’s always the chance for trouble when you let contextual keywords place your advertising. (via Wonkette) tags:: funny – advertising – internet marketing

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Another Million Dollar Yawn

Now there’s another copycat of the Million Dollar Homepage…the Valentine Homepage. Since I’m too lazy to rant, please see what Seth had to say. tags:: web copycats – marketing – Seth Godin

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