Month: January 2006

Czech Mate

Just as we’re “re-branding” every spot on the map in the U.S….the phenomenon has spread worldwide. The Czech Republic now has a logo. [LINK] Newsflash:: Most countries already have a logo…it’s called a FLAG. I’m no expert on Eastern European

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Death and Taxes

Just when you get sick of Santa Claus in every ad…here comes Uncle Sam and April 15. This year, more than ever, I’ve seen a huge marketing push for the BIG REFUND. If you go to this tax preparer, they

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People are still in the dark

When I tell people I have a blog, sometimes they have a little hidden smile about it. I believe the reason for this little smile (and one of the hurdles for all business/corporate blogging to the public) is that the

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Maybe they were too focused on the Ampersand

It’s all over the blogosphere [Scoble] [Rogue] [AdRants] [etc]..but I thought I needed to add my 2 cents as well. You may have the biggest-most-hugest-earth-shattering ad budget the world has ever seen…but you have to exercise just a little common

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The Original Idea

Quickly answer these 3 questions about current major corporate ad campaigns…1) Why do Microsoft’s ads currently have “dinosaur people” in them?2) Why does David Spade torture his pudgy cubicle buddy when he doesn’t say “No” in Capital One spots?3) Also

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New Jersey

Some people collect stamps…or coins…or dust. Apparently, I collect stories about the fallacy of municipal “re-branding”…[here] [here] [here] [here] and [here] The latest?…New Jersey As usually happens when states and cities “rebrand”, clever people come up with slogans based on

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Problems and Solutions

I recently returned a call from a gentleman who was inquiring about hiring me to consult on his company’s marketing strategy. Within a minute of the beginning of our conversation, he popped out “Do you do guerilla marketing? I want

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