Month: December 2005

The Spirit Makes the Master

As we head into the heart of Bowl Season, this Slate article from Mike DeBonis points out a few of the interesting, but mostly mundane collegiate TV commercials that will air during the games. He also brings out why colleges

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Yesterday, Intel revealed would dump the logo they have had since 1968. This in addition to changing their corporate slogan from “intel inside” to “leap ahead”. Wow… My perception of them is automatically changing. Let’s just hope they don’t mess

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Ain’t Gonna Be Banner Ads

A caveat before I begin this post – He who looks into the crystal ball…eats glass. An updated forecast from JMP Securities says that online media will account for more than $1 of every $10 spent for advertising by 2010.

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The Best of 2005

NOTICE: All the links in this post go to the old blogspot location. If you’d like to read these posts, please browse the best of 2005 tag. Thanks.****************** The end of the year is approaching and it’s time for the

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Marketing Lessons from PBS

One of my core philosophies that I try to carry over in all my speaking, writing, and consulting is the idea of “non-establishment marketing”. There are too many agencies and gurus who enjoy using buzzwords and wasting money rather than

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Stealth Marketing

Sometimes parody makes a stronger point than pontification. The Onion reminds us why buzz marketing has problems. [[LINK]] tags :: buzz marketing funny

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Graphic Artist Burger Flippers

There are some amazing graphic designers / graphic artists working in the marketing world today. Thier work creates the bridge that pulls the market in and allows delivery of the message. And then there are some Graphic Burger Flippers. Huh?

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