Keep Your Feet on the Ground and Keep Reaching for the Stars

The flow and control of information is different that it used to be.

That thought struck me the other day when I heard part of the “Casey Kasem dead dog” outtake.

If you’ve never heard the infamous Casey Kasem outtake, you really should. Once while recording the American Top40 Countdown, the calm voice of Shaggy (Zoinks, Sckoob!) goes off and curses like a sailor when he comes out of a “fast record” into one of his sappy “request and dedication” pieces about a little dog named Snuggles who has died. It’s morbidly hilarious.

The first time I ever heard the outtake was when I started in radio. At the time, the only place you’d ever hear it was at the radio station because the outtake only existed in the radio underworld. There was always one guy at the station who had a scratchy hissing reel of the outtake. He had made the copy from someone at the last station he worked at…and on and on. Occasionally, he would play it for the other folks at the station (NEVER on the air).

It hit me when I heard it the other day that “the keeper of the Casey Kasem reel” at the station probably doesn’t exist anymore because now ALL of us are that guy. The internet has made everyone a keeper and user of those little hidden things. I just did a Google search for it and it’s all over the web.

The world has changed. If Ryan Seacrest (who now does AT40) goes off on an expletive filled tangent, it will be out in a manner of hours rather than the years of copying reels that Casey’s incident took. Prime current examples are the Chad Myers weather incident on CNN or Jon Stewart on Crossfire.

How does this affect your marketing?

It showcases that if you’re trying to control any type of information and keep things limited, you’re now wasting your time. Everything is now open. All information is now accessible to everyone. Don’t hide your light under a bushel.

Either way, I’m sure Casey Kasem isn’t happy about it.


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